About Me.

Mixed media artist from the city of Haifa. Started his career as a commercial product designer and sign designer, majored in photography, history of art, painting, basic design, and a graphic design at his 4 years of studies in Tiltan College (2010). Afterwards continuing in Glitz school of photography (2012) for geographical photography. At the end of 2012, Gannam was awarded a three-year residency scholarship by the municipality of Haifa and Beit Ha-Gefen. During that time Gannam studio was in downtown Haifa, which sparked his interest in creating historical work documenting the old city of Haifa. Since then he has been working closely with the local community in an effort to shed light on their narrative and the accompanied consequences of gentrified their neighbourhoods.​

This led him to explore his work through ethnographic and history research, and this affects his art as an photographer, by using the idea that photography and the graphic design it's just a tool of recording his voice, to the point he creates his own language on ethnographic photographer.


Gannam confronts national and social identities through impressive consistent projects of photography and interactive art work that revolves around the social structures and the main issues facing identity in a conflicted environment. His work creates a common space of the digital world and historical narratives.

Specialised in different digital mediums and deeply connected to the exotic history and diverse background of every story, so he always try to connect the two of these different worlds in each image/work.

  • Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design (2018-2020)
Master's degree studies in art (MFA)
  • International Academy of Art Palestine (2014)
Design Yourself and Funky Business Workshops 
  • Glitz School of Photography (2012)
Geographical Photography Course
  • Tiltan College of Visual Design and Communication (2006- 2010)
B.A. in Basic Design, History of Art, Photography, and Studio Photography

Downtowners; Haifa City Museum, Haifa.
Laws of motion; Fattoush Gallery, Haifa.

Graduate Exhibition; Untitled 2020, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Tel-Aviv.

Sick Fireflies and Lightnings in Jar; Banakil 2019,Petah-Tikva Museum of Art
Imaginatorium; New Window 2018, 9th BIGSAS Festival, Bayreuth Germany.
MAKABIS; Hummus 2015, Al-Markaz, Contemporary art gallery, Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Design Week 2018; HAT NAFAS Performance, Best-Hansin, Jerusalem.
ZAMAL زَمَل; Untitled Stairs, First Year MFA part of white cube course Bezalel MFA, Tel-Aviv.

1948; How I Wish, Haifa City Museum, Haifa.
Small Sanctuary; Abu Kalibt, Bezalel MFA, Tel-Aviv.
MANOFFIM JERUSALEM COTEMPRARY ART FESTIVAL; Untiteld Wall 2018, van leer, Jerusalem.
Yuaad The Research and Learning Space about Palestinian Culture in Haifa; ROVA, Bet Hagefen, Haifa.
The Magic Kingdom; ARAK 2018 | Tragedy, Uri and Rami Museum, Ein-Harod.
What is Pyramida Doing Here?; PTSD, Pyramida International Center for Contemporary Art, Haifa.
Self Collecting; Selfie Portrait, Bet Hagefen, Haifa.

The People of the Sea; Untitled Sea, Arab Culture Center, Haifa.
Suspended Accounts; Wad el Nesnas, A.M Qattan Foundation (YAYA 2014), The Mosaic Rooms, LONDON - 2014 at Qalandiya international festival 2014, Ramallah.
Walls Interrupted; Cinema Star, Bet Hagefen, Haifa.
Connections; backstreet, Hasoka, Haifa.
The Palestinian Photography; DOGAY Grant 2015 Turkey Sinop; The Arab Culture Association, Haifa.
Suspended Accounts; Wad el Nesnas, A.M Qattan Foundation(YAYA 2014), Ramallah.
The Wisdom of Crowds; Complaining Container, Bet Hagefen, Haifa.
Rendez Vous; Who Are You Local War Photographer?, Hourva Artists, Haifa.
Bread and Roses #8; Kastiel Design, Tel-Aviv.
Open Studio; Showcase Bet Hagefen, Haifa.
xY Chromo zone; Old Man, Haifa City Museum, Haifa.
The White Layla; Levontin 7, Tel-Aviv.