Complaining Container via David Bahar



Wisdom of Crowds, Bet Hagefenn Haifa.

Complaining Container:
Hamody Gannam & David Behar Perahia

A unique project which presents in an interactive way the complaints of the public living in Downtown Haifa.
The complaints were gathered through interviews with local people who work and live in five neighborhoods of downtown Haifa: Halisa, Wadi El Nesnas, The Port area, Al-Mohata, Yodifet Talpiot.

The custom made container which communicate out the complaints is made of debris materials of ship containers which were used in the Port of Haifa. Within the container one can find an interactive map of Downtown Haifa.

The container will be placed in public spaces and will attract people to interact and listen to the complaining citizens, as well as giving them the opportunity to add and record their own personal complaint.

In collaboration with :
Tom Sofer
Saadi Saadi
Lola Ben Alon

Special thanks to:
Haifaweye-04 (Jabra Nahas, Marios Mazawi, Tarik Shakor)
Nidal Furani & Zoom Print
The Residents and Merchants of Downtown Haifa