The Unmarked ID - Self Portrait



Self Collecting, Bet Hagefen Haifa.

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-How can we unfold the political and social layers of human beings?
-How can we move beyond ethnicity, social class, political opinions and collective anxieties?
-Is there a way to look deeper into our mutual liquid existence?
The project “Unmarked ID” is a visual research comprised of photography and scientific elements. By using microscopic photography i plan to develop a series of works that attempt to “neutralize” or overcome the social aspects of the human being.

​The socio-political environment in which I live has tremendously affected my personal character and identity, leading to a personality of different layers that adjusts itself to the different settings I live in. The sociologist Zygmunt Bauman defined the term ‘Liquid Modernity’. Leading us [modernity] as individuals to be as liquid, ever changing, and dynamic in our behaviour to adjust to each current context we live in.This Liquidity of behaviour along with the different layers we live with, I believe, has blurred us from our truest selves.