• Hamody Gannam

Untitled Sea

When we speak or think about Haifa and its port, we never think that the port is surrounded by barriers around the city, limiting the access to it in an uncomfortable way. More than 70% of Haifa's citizens drive for 20-45 minutes in order to reach the city's beaches. Haifa after 1948 is quite diverse, bringing together different cultures from Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union, Jewish immigrants from Arab countries, and the Palestinian community living here.





In this work I bring three different photographs (technic, compulsions & colors), of those three different cultures and communities; the Palestinian fisherman, the Jewish Moroccan working in the coast guard, and the old lady from Russia. Those three characters are not related to one another, the photographs spread out in the room with the projector creating the illusion of the city's port barriers, and this is the only way to see these photographs, the same experience Haifa's citizens go through.


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