• 11/1/2018 Arab A Dub

Arab A Dub Night 4 Years ✮AFTER✮

ARAB-A-DUB vibe, Bringing together musicians from top pioneering acts in the Palestinian-Syrian music scene to create a special one-time collaboration that cooked and baked especially for that night.

Arab-A-Dub live Band:

Rami Nakhle, Shadi ( Banda ) Awaidat & Amr Mdah from Toot Ard

Issam Elias from Ghazal and Zenobia

Bruno Cruz and Walaa Sbait from Ministry of Dub-key

and many more...


It starts with me walking from my studio to the Wanderbar... it's like 2min walk from there and it's in the middle of new gentrificated area "Wadi Saleb"


Then it started with Zenobia https://goo.gl/y5GG3o


and countinue with the Ministry of Dub-key with special dabkey dancers and break dancers


it was very nice to see every one again and even to see the new generation partying and making music.. but yah it feels like I'm too old for this shit and I missed Yasmine Eve's DjSet at the end....

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