• Hamody Gannam

3 Reasons Why I used a Mirrorless Camera on The Downtowners Exhibition

1: I hate carrying all that weight of the DSLR camera

Moving around in the city is very difficult, and i'm too lazy for carrying the weight of the DSLR

so at the Gabbie story (Walking on Red) i take the fuji x10, it's a small camera that no one call it professional. but for me in that day it was perfect,

in every project that I a lil research, lighting testing and to see how much shadow i have in that area.


2: "To be like a fly on the wall"

When I photographed the The Feast of the Annunciation, i know that will be in Intimate scenes, and i needed this access to the back stage of the Church of st. Gabriel to get the unique photos and i have to keep it respectful there.

Same thing in the Al-istiqlal mosque when i shot the Eid al-Adha prayer, I didn't want attract attention with the large heavy DSLR Camera, that's why i used the fuji x100.

its better than the fuji x10 much better, it's faster and can be used in low light like the light that i have in the mosque.


3: I just don't need all that extra gear.

I really don't need all the filter, the zoom lens, the large bags and the heavy cameras, i just need a camera that can capture the feeling from the moment it click. no need for creating a enhanced reality with all that extra gear, reality stranger and magical enough.

Downtowners 2015 - Hamody Gannam

Haifa City Museum

Curator: Inbar Dror Lax

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