Arab Women's Powerful Sound - Retro Design POSTER


Arab Women's Powerful Sound - Retro Design POSTER
Fairuz - Asmahan - oum kalthoum

joint artwork: Amin Halloun illustration- Hamody Gannam graphic design.


This is an original artwork that drawing by Amin Halloun tattoo artist and the owner of  the KINGS KUSH, I just made a edited in adobe illustrator. and added the retro color that im using to my pass posters



-"Retro graphic design with The spirit of the Middle East". original artwork The Retro posters were designed to presents as time capsule, inspired from the spirit of the age of mine. Gannam presents his posters with a retro style that give us a feeling of vague and unknown memory, with the unorthodox Arabic calligraphy he gives us that feeling of hazy memory from my teen age in the middle east



High quality printed on high quality matte paper
SIZE available;


240g Chromo matte paper, High color laser Printer.


**Please note that frames are not included,
the images above allows you to experience what my prints looks like in real life scene..



*it's a worldwide shipping 
I offer combined shipping on all orders. If there is anything else in my store that you want let me know and I can send it with this order. Thank you very much for the business. I hope to see you again soon ... Enjoy

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