Oum Kalthoum keychain.


Oum Kalthoum keychain. "El Hamra" is a well-known and prestigious cinema known by "ElHambara" in Jerusalem st, Jaffa. The cinema was constructed by a Lebanese architect and run and managed by "Cinema Palestine" company.
In the 1930's this luxurious cinema hosted the best artists in the world, one of them was Oum Kalthoum ke. "El Hamra" embodied a space that gathers both Arabs and Jews as one.
In 1948 the cinema taken away from its owner to be owned by an Israeli hand, and in the 1960's it turned into a theatre called by the name "Giora Godik" theatre.

The Oum Kalthoum keychain is an object that portrays the creation of memories and for Me it represents as a capsule- a practical manifestation of memory that for him it stands for the majestic power of that specific historical era; the Palestinian era- and for that, I holds in his heart immense amount of lingering and missing, and the Oum Kalthoum keychain is a memoir for all these intensive feelings and nostalgic emotions.

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