Personal Questions And Flashes of Time

2018 for me is about asking questions of identity from the connection between earth and spirit.

To understand myself more this year, I created works in personal contexts for my political and social converts.

״The past is dead and there are no virgins in my life anymore״

I'm happy invite you to two new exhibitions that will open soon, in addition to works that I posted in the past...

Group Exhibition opening 1\12\18 Haifa City museum >>

Group Exhibition opening 29\11\18

MFA bezalel salame 60, Tel aviv.

Manofim Fastival Jerusalem open until 7/12/18

for more info >>

ROVA, Simulation of Reality, 2017. at Beit Hagefen Gallery

more info go to >>

PTSD 2018, "What Is Pyramida Doing Here?" A Group Exhibit at Pyramida Contemporary Art Center >>

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